Guidelines and tips for requesting

It's a beautiful community out there! We hope you enjoy Olio in your local area. To make sure you have positive interactions, simply follow these easy guidelines:

👀  Read the listing carefully

Look out for information and instructions in the listing and collection notes, to make sure your expectations are correct to avoid unnecessary conversations. 

📅  Be specific with a date/time

Remember to give a date and time for picking up the listing. Don't just stop at the automated ''Hi''!  I.e. “I can come on Monday at 5 pm.''

💬  Be polite and friendly 

Be friendly! We love it when Olioers form bonds. A please and thank you go a long way so everyone feels good.

⏰  Always show up on time

If for some reason you cannot make the pick-up, or are running late (even by 5 minutes) please message the other user and explain as no one wants to be left waiting. 

🌟  Rate the other Olioers

Remember, you can rate all Olioers you’ve communicated with. Ratings really help to build trust and encourage good behaviour in our Olio community.

How do I request a listing? (Video)

Watch this quick video to see how to request a listing on Olio.


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