Is requesting delivery/postage allowed on Olio?

Olio is intended to connect local communities. See below for our policy on posting items on Olio.

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Free sharing (food & non-food)

Please do not request delivery or postage for FREE items on Olio. If you do it may result in your account being suspended.

  • Postage fees can be costly and defeat the point of sharing for free in your neighbourhood.
  • Olioers who give away items don’t want to be “a delivery service” . When they’re asked to mail items, it puts them off giving on Olio. 
  • Scammers could request postage money and never send you the item. 

If you are unable to pick up items due to difficult circumstances, you can:

  • Ask a friend or neighbour to collect for you
    • make sure you tell the Olioer exactly who is collecting
  • Add a 'wanted' listing and people can respond at their own discretion:
    • click the "+" in the app & choose "wanted"
    • explain you're unable to collect in the listing description
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