Volunteer with Olio

Since 2015, we have grown to a huge network of millions of people all over the world battling the enormous issue of food waste! Food waste is one of the top three biggest ways people can impact the climate crisis. We are beyond amazed and grateful to have an incredible community of over 110,000 volunteers supporting Olio's mission by spreading the word, growing the movement and collecting waste food from businesses to redistribute locally and avoid needless waste 🙌🥦.

How can I Volunteer with Olio? 

What is a Food Waste Hero?

  • Rescue food from local businesses - Store staff at businesses we work with will set aside food for you to collect

  • Share food with members of your community - You’ll then take that food home, take pictures of it, and list it on Olio’s app. People nearby will request it and collect it from you.

  • Help save the planet one collection at a time! - By volunteering with Olio, you’re doing your bit to fight food waste and feed your local community. We think that’s pretty awesome!

If you want to know more please check out our specific article - What is a Food Waste Hero? and sign up today on the Volunteer Hub via the app.

Find the Volunteer Hub on our app!

What is an Olio Ambassador?

  • Spreading the word about Olio - online via your social media online or via WhatsApp groups!

  • Distributing flyers and posters in your local area - download our free printable posters, flyers and letters

  • Getting the latest news from Olio HQ - get special invites to special Ambassador only experiences

🙌 Sound like something you'd be interested in? Sign up here and start spreading the word!

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