How Olio alerts unresponsive users

We appreciate it can be frustrating if another user is unresponsive :(. If this happens to you, we encourage you to understand that there can be valid reasons for this. For example, they may have a personal emergency, or might just be overwhelmed by the number of requests they are receiving (this can often happen to our Food Waste Hero volunteers). We ask that you always remain polite and give the other user the benefit of the doubt.

We do however do a number of things to encourage Olioers to be responsive. For example:

  • We display the responsiveness of every Olioer on their public profile page 
  • We send an email if a user has an unread message, reminding them to read it
  • We have messaging in the app, notifications, and emails about the importance of responsiveness

If you've added a listing, and the person requesting it has become unresponsive, then please do feel free to re-list the listing and message the requester to let them know that you have done this. 

If you've requested a listing and received no response, we recommend requesting other listings instead.

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