Reporting issues about your collection or Squad

As per Olio's Acceptable Use Policy, under no circumstances should you contact Olio's partnering businesses directly to report an issue. Doing so is against the agreed process, and will not result in your issue being resolved. It may also harm Olio's relationship with its partners.


How do I report issues about my collection or Squad?

📝 Please use our quick and easy FWH Issue Report by tapping 'Report an Issue' beside your collections in My Collection Slots on the Volunteer Hub.

📝 This report is also stored in the Documents section of the Volunteer Hub, in case you can't access it in My Collection Slots. 

Issues include:

  • Food Safety (i.e. food was shared by business past its use-by date)
  • Food Quality (i.e. food was squashed/damaged)
  • Another Food Waste Hero not collecting
  • Another Food Waste Hero not listing
  • Another Food Waste Hero disrupting the positive Olio environment
  • Store Staff 
  • Details about collections on the app
  • Olio's Little Helper.


How do I report a food listing past its use-by date?

If you come across an item past its use-by date that is still listed, please report this to Olio immediately by using the 🏳️ icon on the listing.  If you see someone sharing past the use by choose ➡️ ‘’Out of date’’. If you believe someone is hiding the use by date, etc choose ➡️ ‘’other’’. We will review the listing and take action to remove it immediately. 


Do I hear back from Olio after submitting a FWH Issue Report? 

We endeavour to reply to all reports, and raise any issues with the business you are collecting from if necessary. This may take a couple of days, after which we hope the issue will be fixed. Unfortunately we are unable to update all Food Waste Heroes on each complaint due to the volume of messages we receive for various issues. We will only get back to you if further information is required. IF the problem persists, please submit another form and our team will respond to you.


How long should my issue take to get it resolved?

The vast majority of issues are usually resolved within 48 hours. However, occasionally, changes do not happen as quickly as we would like as we might need to get other parties involved to resolve a particular issue.

We aim to resolve all issues reported to us by our FWH Issue Report within 7 working days.


How do I report another Food Waste Hero?

Please note: to report an Olioer who is not a Food Waste Hero, please use the 🏴 'flag' button on the user's profile.

📝 If you are a Food Waste Hero, please click 'Report an issue'' beside your collections in My Collection Slots on the Volunteer Hub. 
📝 This report is also stored in the Documents section of the Volunteer Hub. 

We will aim to respond within 48 hours. You can choose whether you would like your concern or complaint to be kept anonymous or not. And we will give the volunteer in question the chance to respond to the concern or complaint. As a result of our investigation we may give the volunteer a formal warning, or if warranted, remove them from the platform entirely.

If you are the subject of a concern or complaint we will:

  • Share the concern or complaint raised with you (with permission from the FWH making the complaint)
  • Seek more information from you about the issue or incident
  • If we believe that the concern or complaint is warranted, then we will take action that can range from asking you to stop the behaviour, to removing you from the Olio platform and ensuring that you stop all your volunteer duties. Any decision we make is final

To report anything else..

Take a look at our reporting guide to learn how to flag problems in the Olio app.

You can click 🏳 on any content (or 3 dots on a message) to send a report to Olio. We will review the content and take action if necessary.

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