Accessibility Features

The one thing we value very highly at Olio is inclusivity and so from that, it follows that Accessibility is a very important issue that we need to address in the app.

Accessibility has many various facets to cover, two of the most important areas are in 'assistive technology' and 'content'. Assistive technology includes things such as screen readers or dictation, and content would refer to both the language we use, as well as how it is presented, and how easily for example the text size can be resized. As a small development team, we don't have as much time to spend on accessibility as we'd like, but we do try and be as focused as possible, choosing the right tools and prioritising work on what we believe to be the most used sections of the app.
Our app is built in react-native, and this is already a great improvement to our previous app because the react-native framework has made certain things accessible automatically, ie enabling screen readers to give useful feedback on the context a user is in. We decided to build on this, by looking at the signup/login pages and the new listings page, and ensuring all the elements make sense in their context.
We are always happy to take on board any feedback around accessibility, especially where users make it obvious which sections should be targeted next, and over and above that we always try to continually improve the app for everyone.
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