Olio Partnerships

Why does Olio partner with other companies?

Olio’s mission is to reduce food waste in the home. And we’ve set ourselves an enormous goal - to reach 1 billion Olioers by 2030. That’s because reducing food waste is the single most powerful thing humanity can do in the fight against the climate crisis ( ref). 

As a part of our strategy to reach our goal, it’s important that we create partnerships with other organisations, especially those that are mission-aligned and can help us to reach new and large audiences.

What are the different types of partnerships Olio has?

There are 4 main ways in which we collaborate with other organisations:

  1. As a service provider, through our Food Waste Hero Programme, we help partners reduce the amount of food they waste (regardless of how the food was produced or distributed, if the food is safe for consumption we will do our best to make sure it’s consumed and not wasted). Brands we have engaged with in this way include Tesco, Iceland, Holland & Barrett, etc.
  2. As a platform, we promote products, services, or projects that support sustainable consumption and lifestyles. Brands we have engaged with in this way include Percol Coffee, Larabar, Hellmann’s, Sainsburys, etc.
  3. As a pioneer for industry change, we engage in strategic partnerships where parties join forces to reach shared objectives. Organisations we have engaged with in this way include FareShare, Cranswick, Tech Nation, Ache, etc.
  4. As a publisher, we take part in affiliate programs to promote products and services that support sustainable consumption and lifestyles. Brands we have engaged with in this way include Octopus Energy, the Ethical Superstore, All Plants, The Body Shop, etc. 

How does Olio select partners?

  1. When collaborating with companies to redistribute food, our sole criteria are food redistribution and food safety. When we facilitate food waste reduction for a company, we are not endorsing the company or their practices. If the food is safe for consumption, we will do our best to ensure it is redistributed.
  2. When promoting other brands, we check that the brand is aligned with our values and that its product or service can help our community in their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle; our partner brands also provide us with a cost-effective way to spread the word about Olio to thousands, or even millions of people. 
  3. In the case of a strategic partnership, our involvement is based on the potential impact of the partnership on industry, the community and the environment; and as always, we seek to work with mission-aligned organisations.

With regards to #2 and #3 above, whilst best efforts are made, we are not practically able to verify that every aspect of a partner’s business operations is in alignment with our values. We also recognise that very few organisations have a ‘perfect’ environmental and social scorecard and so we may on occasion partner, or work with, organisations that aren’t 100% values aligned, but that provides us with an invaluable platform to grow Olio and help achieve our mission. In a nutshell, we’d rather be imperfect (principled as far as is practical) but alive and having an impact; than perfectly principled but no longer in existence or having an impact. 

If our community raises something problematic about a partner organisation, we will of course review it. 

Does Olio make money from partnerships?

To achieve our enormous goal - to reach 1 billion Olioers by 2030, we need to have a sustainable business model, which means generating enough revenue to cover our costs. 

We do charge for some partnerships, although to date - with the exception of the Food Waste Heroes Programme - they have made a minimal contribution to Olio’s overall income. 

If you have further questions regarding Olio's partnerships, please email media@olioapp.com

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