Karma Points

What are karma points?

You receive karma points for doing things on Olio that have a positive impact on the community and environment.

How do I earn karma points?

To see how you can earn karma points, go to your Olio app and tap the three lines at the top right , then tap on My Levels, then on the Question mark next to ¨Karma Points¨. Eligible activities include giving things away, rating someone, completing Goals etc.

Can I get karma points for doing things that aren’t on your points list?

Not right now, but let us know by making a suggestion in the forum!

How can I see how many karma points I have?

To check your total Karma Points, go to your Olio app and tap the three lines at the top right, then tap on My Levels, then on the Question mark next to ¨Karma Points¨.

Why are they called karma points?

Here are some definitions of Karma. We think that karma points is the perfect name to reflect the positive impact your actions are having on the environment and community :) 

I don’t see the karma points I should have earned.

There is occasionally a delay in earning karma points. Wait a few minutes and check again. Also make sure you have a strong internet/data connection.

What are levels?

When you accumulate a certain amount of karma points, you go up a level. You’ll see we’ve taken inspiration for our levels from nature’s very own rainbow 

How can I get to the next level?

By earning more karma points :)

Can you lose Karma points?

Yes. If something you have done to win Karma points is cancelled (eg. a pickup gets cancelled) then after being rewarded karma points, they will then be removed

I’m not motivated by karma points and levels, can I switch them off?

Currently, there is no way to switch off karma points & levels, however, we’ve worked hard to ensure that the introduction of karma points & levels doesn’t add any additional taps or time to how you would ordinarily use the app. We’ve done a lot of research with our community and many people have told us they’re really excited about this feature because it will encourage them to share more and waste less :)

What happens when I get to the last level?

You’ve made it to the top! And you’re now our rainbow hero. To keep rainbow status please do keep Olioing at least once a month. 

Can I exchange my karma points for anything?

Your karma points cannot currently be exchanged for anything. But it hopefully feels great to earn them :)

Are Olio’s karma points a cryptocurrency?

No they’re not.  

How many karma points do I start off with?

All new Olioers are given 10 karma points when they join. For existing Olioers, your points will reflect your activity on the app so far.

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