Separating listings into types (do not bundle)

We know sharing food items as a FWH can be challenging. But we’re here to help reduce food waste, and share widely within local communities, so listing correctly is important to achieve our mission.

✅ Please categorise your listings into small, sensible groups of the same types of food. 

This makes it easy for requesters to see expiry dates and checks allergen, and makes it more likely you’ll share your food items far and wide with many different OLIOers. 

Choose sensible categories like ‘’sandwiches’’, ‘’pastries’’, ‘’pasta salads’’ and ‘’boxed fruit’’.


❌ Please don’t bundle all your different food items into one listing

This makes it difficult for requesters to see what you have, and to check expiry dates and allergen information. 

E.g. if you have: 10 cheese sandwiches and 3 vegan sandwiches, 5 salads, 20 apples and 30 bananas.👎 Don't add 68 individuals listings, or 2 listings for packaged and unpackaged food.... 👍 Do add 1 listing of ''Sandwiches'', 1 of ''Salads'', and 1 of ''Fruit'' (or 1 of bananas and 1 of apples). Then use the Description field to add more information. 


❌ Please don't add a listing for each food item.

As this creates a very busy home screen for local requesters.

👍 Do add one listing of 200 bananas….

👎 Don’t add 200 listings of individuals bananas. 

     That would be bananas. 

📸 Remember to make each listing appealing and use a nice, clear photograph showing the Use By/ Best Before date clearly.

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