New look, same Olio

Why does Olio look different?

The Olio brand is getting a much-needed refresh. These updates to our look and feel — from a new logo and new colours, to a new app interface and new website — will take effect in the coming weeks and months.

Why are we doing this?

Olio’s mission has never been more urgent: ending waste to solve the climate crisis, one share at a time. To drive the change we all want to see, we need to inspire millions more people with our message to share your spare and do your bit — for our local communities, and for our planet.

This is why we’re making some much-needed changes to how the Olio brand looks, feels and communicates. 

Thank you to the many members of the Olio community and our Brand Advisor group who have inputted into the process and helped to shape such a brilliant outcome.

Is anything else changing?

No. Olio is still exactly the same company, run by the same people, and most importantly with the same mission: ending waste to solve the climate crisis, one share at a time.

Find out more here.

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