Olio web app

It’s with heavy hearts we’ve taken the difficult decision to retire the Olio web app on the 15th March 2023 (This does not affect the mobile app).

Olio's web app

The web app was originally intended to provide Olio users the choice of using Olio via a web browser or via the mobile app. Whilst the web app is used by some Olioers, over 99% of Olio activity goes through the Olio mobile app. As a small team, we need to prioritise our resources carefully, and we’ve realised that the work required to support the web app detracts from our ability to continue improving the core Olio app.

We sent a survey to 12,000 Food Waste Heroes about their experience of using the Olio Web app. We received responses from 708 Food Waste Heroes and found that the overwhelming majority only use the core Mobile app. For those that do use the web app, the main reasons were to access the Volunteer Hub, browse listings, and manage messages. We support all of these features (accessing the volunteer hub, browsing listings, and managing messages) on the app, and much more. 

We’re working hard to improve the app experience and we have some exciting updates coming over the next few months.

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