Safe Selling & Selling Policies

✅ The For Sale section is for selling pre-owned items only. This means used items that you have bought or new items that you have been gifted.

❌ The For Sale section is not to be used as a marketplace for professionals and/or businesses or as a side hustle to sell products.

Payment and Refund Policy

When you make a purchase on Olio, you are buying from an individual (as opposed to a retailer). You should agree on the cost and payment method via Olio’s in-app messaging system before confirming the purchase. 

  • Always check items in person before paying the seller to avoid disappointment or disagreements. Ask as many questions as you need to about the items so you know exactly what to expect, especially if it is a higher-value item
  • Purchases are not final until money is exchanged but unjustified cancellations will result in low ratings and Olio suspends users who have consistently low ratings
  • Payments are safest when face to face and after inspecting the item. We recommend payment should take place at the point of handover. Using cash is often the safest option
  • We don’t recommend providing personal information or sharing payment card details with other users
  • You should remain alert to the risk of scamming and never hand over money unless you feel 100% comfortable
  • All refunds are at the discretion of the seller and refund requests must be made directly to the seller
  • If a seller accepts a refund and the buyer returns the item in a poorer condition than when it was purchased, a seller can negotiate a partial refund or refuse the refund.
  • Sellers must provide a form of receipt on request

❌ Misrepresenting goods is not allowed. Listings shall contain all the information required by a buyer to make an informed purchase decision. For example, something second-hand should not be described as new. 

⚠️If you can’t reach an agreement between yourselves, you can try an alternative dispute resolution or the small claims court. Making a complaint to Olio will not result in your money being returned as Olio does not process any payments. You can leave a rating to highlight a seller’s behaviour to your community. Olio will remove consistently low-rated sellers.

👀 If you are here looking to get a refund on your Olio Supporter subscription, please click here

Safe selling & general selling etiquette


  • Be vigilant carrying around cash and choose a digital bank transfer if you are concerned about your safety
  • Report any issues with someone by leaving them a rating or click the flag on a listing or message to make us aware of any issues
  • You can resell items that you have been given for free but you should check first as some people will be upset to see their free donations sold for a profit
  • Provide original instruction manuals with any purchase. You can find many instruction manuals online for free
  • Test items, particularly electronics first to ensure that it is still safe to use. If it isn’t, you may be liable to the buyer if the item causes injury or damage


  • Do not ship or post any of the items that you list on Olio
  • Do not list your items for a speculative price (e.g. £123)
  • Do not use stock photos when selling items as this can feel like a scam
  • Not showing up as a buyer or seller is not OK. No-shows will result in low ratings and Olio suspends users who have consistently low ratings

⚠️ Avoiding Scams

Millions of items are listed every month on Olio, happily and without incident. However, as with any online activity, it’s important to stay alert to the potential for scams. 

Here are some guidelines to help you avoid being scammed:

  • Always trust your instincts. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!
  • If you’re lending, borrowing, or buying an item, always take pictures before (and after for borrowing) the exchange; agree any deposit amount in the app, and follow it up with a written receipt
  • Check a user’s profile to see how recently they joined Olio, and if they have a star rating. You can also check how far away from you they are, and the location of their listings (if their listings are in multiple locations then it’s likely suspicious)
  • Never take your communications off the Olio app (e.g. onto email, SMS or any other messaging service)
  • Never agree to pay for delivery of an item. Not only is delivery against Olio’s rules, it may also result in you paying for delivery and the item never being sent (a classic scammer trick!)
  • Never send money or pay for something being requested by an Olio member (e.g. a takeaway or food shop). You can give specific items they are requesting if you have the item and no longer need it

🙏🏼If you see a listing or user on the app that you believe may be a scam or a scammer, please report it to us by tapping the flag icon on the listing or on any of the messages you receive from them.

For more information please check our article about Selling on Olio

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