AI-ifying a listing

What is AI-ify?

It’s a new AI solution that will make creating a listing much faster (and more fun!!).

How does it work? After uploading a picture in your listing, there will be a button to automatically populate all the information required in the title and description of your listing.🤩

Note - If you’re adding a food listing, the AI will attempt to provide a Use By or Best Before date in the Description of your listing, and it will also automatically title any bakery item as “Loose bakery items” 🥐

Do I have to use it?

Not at all, we just want to provide a tool that can help you share your items faster..

if you don’t like what AI-ify suggests, just click discard! 

Can I still manually edit my listing if I want to correct the Title/Description of my listing?

Of course! You can remove or add any bit of text in the listing before publishing it. 

Tips for snapping AI-ify friendly images 📸

  • Crystal Clear: Ensure your photo is sharp and in focus – it helps AI-ify get all the details right.
  • Bright Lights: Capture your image in a well-lit setting so AI-ify can see everything clearly.
  • Keep it Simple: Use a plain background to let your item take centre stage without distractions.
  • Text Matters: If your item has any text on it, make sure it's horizontal and easy to read. AI-ify is great with words, but only if it can read them!
  • No Wrinkles: If you're sharing something in plastic with text on it, try to smooth out any wrinkles. AI-ify isn't a fan of crumpled text.

Current limitations

📸 The AI analyses only the first image in your listing

📆 When unsure, it tries to guess (incorrectly!) the date 

🥪 It does seem to suggest Greggs often…

AI is a new technology so sometimes it can hallucinate or provide some strange results, usually a bit funny! You can try again with another picture by:

  1. Clicking ‘Discard’
  2. Uploading a new picture on your listing
  3. Clicking again ‘AI-ify’  🙂

Important reminder

As this feature is still in the beta phase, note that we may monitor images uploaded using this feature, even if they result in no listings.

We also reserve the right to remove access to this feature to any user we believe is abusing its use. 

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