Where else can I access free food and support?

We very much hope that you are able to request surplus food from a neighbour via Olio!

However, in addition to Olio you might find the following services useful to access food:


Trussell Trust has network of over 400 foodbanks across the UK and it provides food, help and support to people in need. Find a food bank

Citizens Advice is a free and confidential platform helps with various problems. You can reach them via phone, email or face-to-face. They are in 2,600 community locations in England and Wales. They can help you find and tell you how to use a food bank in your area. Get more information on food banks

Food Cycle cooks and serves 850 tasty, hot meals a week to people in need a week. Find a meal

Next Meal is a site that directs people to nearest charities that provide food and support. Find a meal near you

Samaritans is a free service where you can talk with someone about your mental health. Speak to someone at Samaritans

Gov.uk provides an opportunity to check if your child can get free school meals. Once you enter your postcode you can find out how to apply on your local authority’s website. Apply for free school meals

The Pavement provides addresses and websites of places which offer food/soup runs in London neighbourhoods (London only). Find food now

Casserole has over 7,000 volunteers who serve an extra portion of their home-cooked meals to older neighbours who need it. Request a meal

 Change Ahead is an app that provides volunteer led suppor to anyone in need by providin practical advice . Try it out

Meal Makers connects people who love to cook and share food with local elderly neighbours, which provides a chance for a nice meal and a friendly chat. Learn more

My Food Bank Finder was launched to support Food Bank and is a really simple tool to find your nearest Food Bank. Find Food Banks in your area

Feeding Britain work with partners as diverse as food banks and local community food organisations, politicians and companies, to alleviate hunger in the UK. Learn more here

Independent Food Aid Network is a network of independent, grassroots food aid providers working together to ensure food security for all. They have mapped 834 independent food banks operating across the UK. Read more

Street Link  Here you can refer someone who is sleeping rough and Street Link will send someone out to check on them and offer support to get them to a safer place to stay.

FreemyMeal Free My Meal creates connections between people who need a meal, with people who can provide a meal.


Feeding America has a nationwide network of food banks, which altogether serve 4.3 billion meals each year all over the US. You can find the nearest foodbank by entering your zip code. Find a food bank

Food Pantries is directory of Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, and non-profit organizations committed to fighting hunger. Find a food pantry near you


Stadsmissionen helps people in need get food, shelter, and access to shower and laundry facilities. They also provide long-term support. Find out more

Redcross provides help for the homeless by offering a soup kitchen once a month with warm food and clothes. In winter months they open a shelter where it’s possible to get help and food every night.  Find out more


Alimento Para Todos – El banco de alimentos independiente más grande del País. Recuperaman alimentos y bienes básicos en desuso que aún son aptos para el consumo y uso humano, para entregarlos a personas que viven en pobreza. Para más información.

Solo por Ayudar Banco de Alimentos– El Banco de Alimentos busca apoyar a la población más desprotegida con el abasto de productos básicos de alimentación y salud. Actualmente se apoya mensualmente con 4, 690 toneladas a más de 60,000 personas de más de 105 instituciones de beneficiencia y zonas marginadas. Para más información.

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