What can / can’t be listed on Olio

What you can list on Olio

🥦 Free food & drink

No matter if it's loose, raw, cooked, opened, unopened, or past its best-before date (but never past its use-by date). For more guidance on safe sharing of food click here but, generally speaking, if it’s food you would eat, then it’s okay to share on Olio. 

  • Alcohol - It’s your responsibility to ID check requesters

🛼 Free Non Food

You can give, lend or sell your stuff but, please, put it in the correct section (don’t sell stuff in the free part 🤬). There are guidelines but, generally speaking, if you think someone can put it to good use then it’s okay to list on Olio.

  • Kitchen knives (not designed as weapons) - It’s your responsibility to ID check requesters
  • Used cosmetics - Within date, go for it
  • Pet food - Lucky pup
  • Tobacco - It’s your responsibility to ID check requesters - never for sale!

What you cannot list on Olio

All sections

💊 All medicines including “over-the-counter”, prescription or pharmacy-approved medication, and COVID tests

💰 Stolen items 

🧺 Items that other people left on the street (Unless you take them home and coordinate their collection)

📫 Anything requiring postage

📅 Food that is past its use-by date

👓 Prescription glasses or contact lenses

🔮 Services (tutor, dog walker, hairdresser, etc.)

🪙 Money

©️ Fake or counterfeit goods

📢 Recalled products

💸 Coupons, vouchers, discount codes

🎟️ Tickets and experiences 

🚓 Illegal drugs (see here)

☢️ Weapons & controlled items (including, but not limited to knives, solvents, weapons or fireworks)

💽 Digital content (PDF files, music, games, videos, etc.)

📅 Subscriptions

🩺Healthcare items (thermometers, first-aid kits, etc.)

💄 Homemade cosmetics

🧪️ Homemade detergents and chemicals

🦌 Animals, pets or animal parts (leather is OK) 

🔞 Violent or graphic content, sexually explicit content (nude and graphic pictures are not allowed but it's fine to share condoms, sex toys, art, etc.)

🚫 Banned literature/ artefacts (ivory items, nazi memorabilia, etc.)

For sale section: 

There are some things you can give for free but can’t sell. This often relates to local licensing requirements, including:

🏬 You cannot sell as a business - only individuals can sell on Olio

♻️ Items must be second hand - it can still be new, but no job lots

👨🔧Homemade products

🍾 Alcohol

🥦 Food, drink or anything edible

🎍 Plants

🐶 Pet food

🚬 Tobacco/ Vape liquid/ Nicotine products

💱 Items labeled “not for resale”

🔢 Items listed for “£123” or speculative pricing


🤔 Non-specific requests (e.g. “I need clothes” or “Help needed”)

🥦 Food


🎥 Only lend low value, non-sentimental items


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