Food Waste Hero: maximum collection slots

At Olio, we are keen to ensure that as much food is saved from going to waste as possible, whilst still allowing as many people as possible to take part in Olio collections. Here are some guidelines:

How often can I collect food as a Food Waste Hero?

🌞 FWHs can only do one ongoing collection per day. Having multiple collections each day poses a risk to safe food storage. 

The maximum number of collection slots any Food Waste Hero can claim overall varies by business, with an aim to make things as fair as possible. This depends on how many unassigned collections, and how many FWHs there are in an area.

Can 2 people in the same household collect on the same day?

No. There is a limit of 1 ongoing collection per household per day. Having multiple collections each day poses a risk to safe food storage.  

Are there limits set for one-off collections?

We will allow a one-off and an ongoing collection to take place on the same day as we are responding to an urgent need to save food from a business partner.

We won’t allow two one-off collections on the same day if there is an ongoing collection that day.

How will I know the limit at each business?

To claim a slot, please visit the Volunteer Hub and click 'Claim this collection slot'. If you have reached your collection limit, you will receive an error message at this point.

Please note: collection slot limits are subject to change depending on Food Waste Hero requirements.

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