Notifications for available collection slots

All available collection slots are displayed in the Volunteer Hub. If there are no collection slots showing as available near you, then it's either because there are no registered businesses or they have all been claimed by other Food Waste Heroes already.

  • How can I be notified when a local collection becomes available?
    • To receive notifications for available collection slots, please update your Notification Settings on the Volunteer Hub to be alerted when a local collection slot becomes available. You can choose the frequency of notifications that you'd like to receive for different collection slot types.

  • I can't commit to regular collections. Can I only do cover collections?
    • Yes! You can set your Notification Settings to be alerted when temporary or one-off collections become available near you. Once you've successfully completed your online training and have claimed the slot, you'll be added to a new group chat for the duration of your collection. 

    • Make sure you introduce yourself to the squad and Squad Captain to pick up any important information you need to know before you collect!

  • Who receives notifications for collection slots, and when?
    • To ensure Food Waste Heroes see collection slots relevant to them, Olio does not advertise all collection slots to all Food Waste Heroes. The advertising of collection slots is based on various factors, including the Food Waste Hero's distance from the collection location, the number of available slots at the location, and whether the collection location is in an urban or rural region. As a result, some Food Waste Heroes may not see a collection slot because they are outside the advertising radius, while others living closer may see it.

    • Olio does not limit collection slot ads based on the number of slots a Food Waste Hero has. This means that whether a Food Waste Hero has 0, 1, 2, or more slots has no impact on whether they can see a collection slot. The purpose is to give existing Food Waste Heroes a fair chance to step down from a collection and claim one that suits them better.

    • Olio does not limit collection slot ads based on the type of volunteering role a user has (e.g., Food Waste Hero, Olio Supporter, Community Hero). Additionally, collection slot ads are not influenced by the length of time a user has been an active Food Waste Hero, their in-app rating, or any other user-specific data.

  • How can I change which collection slots I am being notified of?
    • If you are a Food Waste Hero, you can set notifications on the Volunteer Hub. You have the option to set the frequency and types of slots you want to be notified about. If you are not a Food Waste Hero, we might advertise collection slots to you once a week, depending on availability, and you cannot switch this off at the moment.

    • Ensure that you set your notification preferences to stay informed about available collection slots and make the most of your Food Waste Hero experience.
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