Booker: what quantity of food to expect

The quantity of food will vary day-by-day and also by branch. It's a good idea to check in your squad's group chat when you join and ask your fellow Food Waste Heroes about the size of food hauls they’ve experienced. Typically, one Food Waste Hero, with a car, will be able to manage a collection themselves.

Food Waste Heroes are expected to collect however big or small the food collection and should not reject a food collection based on the size if it’s seen as too small. Otherwise the food will be put in the bin anyway which goes against Olio’s mission of preventing food waste! :-( Therefore, we kindly ask you to go along to the collection regardless of the collection size. As we recruit locally, Food Waste Heroes should not be travelling too far to collect.

If it’s a large collection, please only take what you can safely store at home and distribute, even if it means having to leave some food behind at the site. If there is too much food to collect for 3 consecutive collections, then please flag this to Olio using the Food Waste Hero Issue Report Form.

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