Troubleshooting notifications

Notification Settings

  • To access your notification settings, tap the three horizontal lines on the top left of the main app screen to open the sidebar and then tap “Notifications”. This will open your notification settings where you can adjust which notifications you get and how often you get them.

I'm not receiving ANY notifications

  1. Go to your notification settings and click "Test Notifications"
  2. If the popup says "You are able to receive notifications", check your phone notification settings and find Olio. Click into Olio and double-check that all types of notifications (inc. miscellaneous) are allowed.
  3. If there is no pop-up, please try reinstalling the app.

Notifications pop-up

I receive notifications for listings but they don't show in the app

  • This is most likely due to your browse settings being different from your notification settings. So you get a notification about something that is 5km away but your browse screen is set to just show items 2km away. You can adjust them as shown in these screenshots

Browse distance

I receive notifications but some are late (up to 30 mins)

  • Notifications are sent in batches at 0, 15, 30, 45 mins past the hour so that people don't receive hundreds of notifications every few minutes.
  • Eg. If you add a listing at 12.01, the notification will be sent in a batch starting at 12.15. The batch may take up to 15 minutes for all the notifications to be sent so it could be 12.30 by the time the notification appears on someone's phone. That's the worst-case scenario - it won't usually take this long.

I receive notifications but some are delayed

  • Please check our article on how articles notifications work

If your notifications are enabled, here are some other common reasons...

  • Double-check your filter settings (the funnel icon top right in the app) to see if you are sorting by ‘newest’ or ‘nearest’. Please also be aware that half of all listings are requested in under 1 hour, so unless you’re quick, listings might be gone. 
  • Please note that you will not receive notifications for new listings or messages when the app is open. This is how the majority of apps work (otherwise the app could be notifying you of something you’re already looking at). 
  • Please note that the red dot 🔴 does not correspond to listings. It corresponds to your activity stream which you can find in the forum - click the 🔔 to see your updates.

Notification sounds

  • If you don't hear a sound when an Olio notification pops up, this is due to your phone settings. For Android, check here. For iPhone, check here.
  • Finally, if you're using Android, here is a detailed list of possible reasons for notifications issues:
  • If none of the above applies to you, it’s possible that we’re having issues sending notifications to your phone. Please use the "need help" button to get in touch.
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