How to look after yourself as a Food Waste Hero

Do you have any tips for Food Waste Heroes on how to look after themselves?

It is of highest priority for us to ensure you're enjoying your volunteering experience with Olio! Here are a few tips for you to ensure the volunteering experience is fun and rewarding:

  1. Do not volunteer if you don't want to. As the name suggests, any volunteering activity is voluntary. This means that you're free to stop whenever you want, without having to give any reason. If you're an active Food Waste Hero, please unassign yourself from your collection slot(s) on the Volunteer Hub if you want to stop collecting food from a business.
  2. Please ensure you're fully aware what the volunteering role entails before you decide to volunteer. You can ask fellow Olioers on the Olio forum for their first-hand experience.
  3. Set yourself limits, to ensure the volunteering experience isn't taking up more of your life than you want.
  4. Reflect on your volunteering experience regularly. If something isn't right, speak to your Squad Captain or contact Olio with your feedback. Consider pausing until an issue has been resolved.
  5. Take breaks! If you want to pause for a week, or even for 3 weeks, either is fine! If you're a Food Waste Hero please indicate on the Volunteer Hub that you're planning to take a break so someone else can cover for you while you're pausing.
  6. Contact your local GP or other professional services if you become dependent in any way on Olio or your volunteering activities. Please also speak to us if the idea of having to stop volunteering makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.
  7. Set boundaries when interacting with other Olioers. Don't give out your contact details. If you don't want to share your address, you don't have to but must follow FWH safe sharing guidelines. Communicate your expectations and boundaries clearly and in advance. Think about your personal rules for meeting strangers before embarking on your volunteering journey.
  8. Report Olioers who break any of our community guidelines or misbehave in any other way.
  9. Have fun and enjoy the experience of helping others, with a little of your own time. It is hugely rewarding to receive many smiles and 'Thank you!'s on a regular basis! :-)
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