Logging into the Volunteer Hub

I'm having trouble logging into the Volunteer Hub

If you have logged yourself out of your Olio account, and have lost access to the email address associated with your Olio account, contact us by tapping the โ€˜Need more help?โ€™ button.

If you're experiencing issues logging into the Volunteer Hub using the 'magic link', please try the following:

  • Change your email address to be a non-Hotmail/MSN/Outlook/Live email address by opening the Olio app on your phone. Go to Menu (top right corner) > Account > email address and re-send the magic link from the Volunteer Hub log in page to your new email address.
If the above doesn't work:
  • Log in with email address and password instead. If you have forgotten your password, you may use the 'forgot password' link to send password-reset instructions to your email address associated with your Olio account.
  • Please then change your email address using the instructions above.
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