Trouble claiming a slot

Why can't I claim a collection slot that is available on the Volunteer Hub?

There are two reasons why you might not be able to claim a collection slot even if it is available on the Volunteer Hub.

  1. You have not yet completed the online training and inductions. 

You will be able to see the relevant outstanding training modules on the Volunteer Hub on Available Collection Slots (beneath the slotโ€™s details), or on Inductions. Once you have completed all the required modules, you will be able to claim the slot!

  1. There may be limits to the collection slots you can claim at a certain business. 

In order to claim an additional slot, you will need to unassign yourself from one of your slots. Please note it might take up to 24 hours before the slot is not registered against your name anymore, depending on the time you unassign and the time of your last collection. 

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