Claiming cover collections

Who can claim my skipped or paused slot?

Whilst a message will go out into your squad's group chat when you skip or pause your slot to see if anyone from within the squad can cover the cover slot internally first, any Food Waste Hero who has completed their training (i.e. they have been previously inducted) will be able to claim cover slots via the Volunteer Hub. This means that a Food Waste Hero from outside your squad may join your group chat temporarily whilst the cover is ongoing.

I can't commit to regular collections. Can I only do cover collections?

Yes! You can update your notification settings on the Volunteer Hub to be alerted when a temporary or one-off collections become available near you. Once you've successfully completed your online training and have claimed the slot, you'll be added to a new group chat for the duration of your collection. 

Make sure you introduce yourself to the squad and Squad Captain to pick up any important information you need to know before you collect!

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