Keeping collection items

Check here all the information about the Boots policy trial that allows Food Waste Heroes to keep small and late collections.

As a Food Waste Hero, how much food can I keep for myself?

We want as much food as possible to be shared widely amongst your local communities. This is the best way to make sure that food ends up in the bellies of people who want and need it! If you're already doing this, thank you so much for helping your community. 🙏

10% for you and your friends

As a "Thank you!" you’re allowed to keep 10% of the food you collect. You don’t need to add this to the app. You can keep it or give it to whoever you want, including friends, family, flatmates - or someone who is homeless or elderly and doesn’t have access to the mobile app. It’s up to you!

NB. if you collect less than 10 items, by all means, keep 1 for yourself and if you collect 25, you can round up to 3.

90% MUST go on the app

For transparency for our food business donors (in case of product recalls, for impact reporting etc), 90% of the food *has* to be listed on the app for anyone to request and pick up. 

  • When sharing these listings via the app, please ensure to share with as many local people as possible. We've found that people who pick up FWH listings are much more likely to go on and share their own spare, resulting in a virtuous cycle of more and more food & other household items being saved!
  • You can encourage local charities and local people in need to request these listings from you via the app.
  • Please give priority to people out of your "circle" (family & friends). It is only through widening the circle of people who benefit from Olio that we can save more food and grow. And it's very important to our food donors to see a wide group of beneficiaries and new community connections being formed.
  • Members of your household should not request your listings as they already benefit from the 10% you can keep for yourself.

What happens if my listings aren't requested? Can I give to family & friends then?

An important part of being a FWH is growing a local food sharing community near you. You can find out more how to do that HERE. We recognise that when you're first starting it may take a few weeks to grow your community. During this time, if no-one else requests the food, and if you've taken all steps to try and promote it elsewhere e.g. on social media etc, then of course please do give any unclaimed food at the end of the day to friends or family members so that it doesn't go to waste.  

This updated policy comes into effect on Jan 19th, 2021. If more than 10% is being given away to family, household, or friends Olio may remove your FWH role.  

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