Tesco: small collections

My local Tesco only shares a few items per collection. What should I do?

We appreciate that sometimes it can be frustrating to only collect a few items from the store. However, you are still making an important contribution in tackling food waste. Please remember that if you hadn’t collected any food, ALL of it would have gone to waste at the end of the day. Olio does not have control over how much food Tesco donates as this is down to each individual store. Sometimes there may be food in the reduced section which the store decides it could still be sold to regular customers. 

However, if you consistently see that your Tesco store is throwing food away, please let us know via a FWH Issue Report by tapping 'Report an issue' button in My Collection Slots on the Volunteer Hub - so we can escalate the problem to Tesco HQ. πŸ‘

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