Unclaimed slots

What happens when a collection slot remains unclaimed? Does food go to waste?

No, when an ongoing collection slot remains unclaimed, a message will automatically go out into the existing squad's group chat 22 hours before the collection to notify them and allow them to cover the slot as a one-off. This allows the slot to be covered for one iteration, whilst ensuring that it remains available on the Volunteer Hub for a Food Waste Hero who wants to collect regularly.

Can I cover an unassigned slot temporarily?

If you are already part of the squad, a message will go out into your group chat 22 hours before the time of the unassigned collection slot to request for a squad member to cover the slot as a one off (if the slot is still unclaimed at that time).

If you are outside of the squad, we are unable to assign the slot temporarily to you, but please do claim the regular collection if you are happy to commit, and if you haven't reached the slot limit.

Please do not claim an ongoing collection with the intention of only covering temporarily as this means that other Food Waste Heroes will be unable to claim the ongoing collection via the Volunteer Hub themselves

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