How to make listings appear at a future time

Why making listings live at a future time might be useful

Making listings live at a future time can be really helpful if you're listing several things in quick succession, and you want them to become 'live' in a few minutes, rather than immediately. When a listing isn't 'live', it cannot be requested, thus you won't receive messages from requesters until your listing becomes 'live'. This can be really helpful, so that you can complete listing all of your items, before receiving the first requests.

How to make listings live at a future time

When adding a listing to Olio, towards the bottom of the screen you have the option to set your listing live immediately, or to make it live in in the future.

You can choose to make your listing live now, or in 5 to 60 minutes (in 5 minutes increments).

Your listing will be visible immediately, but it will have a blue banner across the image informing viewers that it isn't live yet. There's a countdown, so Olioers know when it will become live. Once it's live, Olioers can request it as usual, and you will receive their request in your message inbox.

See it in action below:

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