''0 Listings'' messages in Squad Chat

Why am I getting ''0 Listings'' messages in my Squad Chat? 

These messages are only intended to help us improve processes, and remind FWHs of any problems with their listings. We’re sorry if they come across as harsh and we know it might be out of your hands.

Please always let your Squad know what you think has happened as we are going to check the Squad Chat. 

  1. You listed your items against the wrong collection slot. Don't worry, it sometimes happens! Please make sure that you've chosen the corresponding collection slot on the "Available Collection Slots" screen, so that the food collected is accurately tracked against your slot. 

    The collection slot will show on the app 10 hours before the start time, and will remain on the app up until 24 hours after the collection. On the app screen you will find all the useful information to the collection slot selection including the date, time and address of the collection and the most recent collection slot will be at the top of the list. For more information please check this FAQ.

  2. You posted your listings 12+ hours before your scheduled collection time or 15+ hours after your collection time. Please try to get food shared on the day, for food safety reasons
  3. You re-listed your collections using an old listing. Please don’t do this as it detracts from a true representation of our impact. Always create a new listing or you can copy an old one!
  4. You forgot to arrange for cover for a collection you could not attend. You can arrange for cover easily in the Volunteer hub > My Collection Slots > More Info > Skip / Pause.
  5. Booker or Tesco did not send a collection confirmation message. This will not count as a missed collection against you.
  6. Something went wrong during your collection e.g. there was no food to collect when you turned up. This will not count against you but please report it via the Issue Report Form.

If someone in your squad is not listing any items, please let us know by Reporting the collection issue

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