Food Waste Hero Baskets

Baskets allow you to keep track of which requester wants what food, and how much of it (available exclusively to Food Waste Heroes (for now...).

Please note you’ll need to be logged in to the Volunteer Hub to be able to access Baskets.

As a Food Waste Hero, when you receive a request for any of your listings with food collected from a business, Olio’s Little Helper will offer you to record in a Basket how much of a listing the requester wants. You can create a Basket for each requester!

Step 1: You receive a request from someone for your food.

Step 2: Olio’s Little Helper will ask you to confirm how much of the listing the person is requesting from you.

Step 3: You tap the button to ‘Set quantity’

Step 4: The requester’s Basket opens, and you can tap the minus and plus buttons to adjust the quantity

Step 5: Go back to your messages by tapping ‘Done’, and allocate additional listings to the same, or a different requester starting with Step 1 above

You can access your Baskets via the three lines menu on the left-hand side of your Volunteer Hub.

Watch the video below to see it in action:

Switching between Baskets

You can allocate food to several requesters, creating several Baskets. To see what’s in each Basket, you can tap on the Basket, and it will expand. You can then change the quantity of all listings allocated to the user by tapping the minus or plus buttons. Tap on the upward arrow on a Basket to close it and make space for other Baskets to show. You can also access your Baskets via the three lines menu on the left-hand side of your Volunteer Hub.

How does the quantity counter work?

When you list food on Olio, there is a ‘Quantity’ field to indicate how many items you have available. Whatever quantity you set is referenced in the Basket, and no one other than yourself can see this.

When you allocate items to requesters, the number of items you allocate is deducted from the Quantity you set when you created the listing. The remaining quantity is referenced under ‘Available:’. This is a running total across all of your Baskets.

For example: You create a listing ‘Bananas’ and set the quantity to 17. You receive a request, and the person would like 7 bananas. In their Basket you set the quantity to 7. In the Basket the quantity ‘Available:’ will update to 10. You receive another request for 4 bananas. You set the quantity in the second Basket to 4. The quantity ‘Available:’ will update to 6.

Marking Baskets as collected

When a requester has collected their Basket, you can mark it as collected for it to disappear from your list of Baskets. To mark it as collected, tap and hold on the Basket, and swipe left. Please note you currently cannot undo this action. Once a Basket has been marked as collected it will disappear from your list of Baskets. However, Baskets will remain visible even when listings inside Baskets have expired.

Cancelling collections

If plans change, and you want to cancel a collection from a requester, you need to continue to cancel the collection from within the message by tapping the ‘Cancel pickup’ button in the conversation with the requester. Likewise, if someone is a no-show, you’d cancel the pickup as usual, and the food becomes available to allocate in another Basket.

How do I switch the Basket feature off? 

It is not possible to switch off the Basket feature. However, you do not need to use it if you'd prefer not to! Please just share your items as normal, without using 'Set Quantity'. 

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