How to share hot food?

What are high risk hot foods?

These foods are typically collected hot from take-aways, caterers and street food vendors and will include: curries, stews, soups, cooked meat, hot sauces, etc. Some bacteria can survive normal cooking temperatures and if given time and kept warm they may produce poisons in the food. You must follow the rules below in order to redistribute hot food safely.   

What are the rules for collecting high risk hot foods?

1. Only collect from OLIO approved food businesses.

2. If hot food is not in hot hold at the time of collection or if you think the food is not hot enough, ask a member of staff to control the temperature. If the food is below 63°c, you must reject it.

3. Hot food must be redistributed within 1.5 hours of collection OR refrigerated once hand warm (still within 1.5 hours of collection) below 5°c and then redistributed within 24 hours. After 24 hours, any undistributed food must be thrown away.

4. Check your fridge temperature regularly to ensure that it is running at or below 5°c.

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