One Stop: What food can I collect

You can collect all types of food including chilled and ambient at One Stop. You can  also collect non-food items such as flowers from this store. Staff must never donate alcohol, medicine or any food past its use-by date. If you receive any of these in your collection, please do not list them on the app.

Instead, report this to us using the steps below:

๐Ÿ“ Please use our quick and easy FWH Issue Report by tapping 'Report an Issue' beside your collections in My Collection Slots on the Volunteer Hub.

๐Ÿ“ This report is also stored in the Documents section of the Volunteer Hub, in case you can't access it in My Collection Slots. 

Issues include:

  • Food Safety (i.e. food was shared by business past its use-by date)
  • Food Quality (i.e. food was squashed/damaged)
  • Another Food Waste Hero not collecting
  • Another Food Waste Hero not listing
  • Another Food Waste Hero disrupting the positive Olio environment
  • Store Staff 
  • Details about collections on the app
  • Olio's Little Helper.
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