Tesco: Multi-collector Collections

What is a multi-collector store? 

  • Multi-collector is a collection method that allows Olio and charities to collect more food together. 
  • Olio volunteers will collect mostly chilled food in the evenings and charities will collect mostly shelf / ambient food in the evening or the next morning.
  • Chilled food must be stored in a fridge with a maximum temperature of 5°C, shelf / ambient food can be stored at room temperature.
  • Although it is very likely that you will be collecting alongside a charity it is not guaranteed.

How does it work?

🛒An Olio’s little helper message in your squad chat will alert you confirming there is something to collect. 

🛒Olio will collect chilled products in the evening. 

🛒The charity assigned will continue to collect ambient products in the evening or the following morning.

🛒Tesco store staff will need to identify which type of food to donate to each collector.

🛒If the assigned charity does not respond or declines the collection by 8:30 PM, then the ambient products can be given to Olio.

🛒 Tesco store staff will know what to offer you so please respect what is offered by them. 

We hope everything will run smoothly, but please don’t hesitate to report any issues by filling out the FWH Issue Form under  ‘My Collections’ on the Volunteer Hub. 

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