Collecting from a catered business

Olio partners with many catering businesses who supply food to various sites across the country, including schools and offices. As an Olio volunteer, you can collect from these sites and redistribute delicious catered food amongst your local community! 

We hope you enjoy your collections from the catered business you have decided to collect from! 🥐

Here are some important reminders to ensure these collections are an enjoyable and smooth process for FWHs and catering staff: 

1. Confirm you are ready for your collection in your squad chat at least one hour before your scheduled collection time:

  • ✅ Please send a quick message on the day of your collection to let us know that you are all set.
  • ⚠️ If you don’t confirm that you are ready to collect we will have to find another FWH to cover your collection. Attendance is important at offices and canteens as they don’t have other food disposal facilities like larger stores, so it’s vital that we are able to save and list their food on Olio!   

2. Communicate to your Squad Chat why a collection didn’t go ahead

If you don’t list next to your collection slot, you will receive a "0 listings" message from Olio’s Little Helper the following day. Don't worry,  we know there are many reasons why this could be: 

  • 🥝 There was no food
  • 📞 The site was closed or weren’t answering
  • ⚠️ The right collection slot was not selected

✨ Please always communicate the reason by posting in the Squad Chat . This will avoid your collection being flagged as a missed collection resulting in you being removed from your collection slot.

3. Raise recurring issues via the Issue Report Form

If you notice recurring issues within your Squad, please raise them in an Issue Report Form by tapping "Report an issue" via the My Collection Slots page on the Volunteer Hub.  

Recurring issues include:

  • ⏰ Any changes to the collection process or site contact
  • 📞 Unable to get through to the site with the phone number provided
  • 🥝 Constantly no food available meaning volunteers lose interest
  • ⚠️Members of the squad missing their collections or not engaging in the squad chat 
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