How is Tesco working towards their sustainability goals and reducing food waste across the UK?

1. What is Tesco doing to reduce their food waste?

Tesco has been actively working to reduce food waste for many years. In the UK, Tesco has achieved the significant milestone of sending zero food waste to landfill since 2009. This means that any unsold food is donated to humans, animals or energy recovery instead of being disposed of in landfills.

2. What happens to food that Tesco don't sell?

If Tesco is unable to sell food, they take various measures to ensure it is not wasted. Firstly, they redistribute the food to local charities, Olio and other community groups, allowing it to reach people in need. Additionally, Tesco offers any unsold food to their colleagues through their Colleague Shop initiative, providing staff with an opportunity to also benefit from the surplus items. Finally, any remaining surplus that is not suitable for human consumption is either converted into pet or animal feed or utilised to generate energy.

3. What were Tesco's achievements in reducing food waste and maximising the utilisation of food resources in the UK during 2022/23?

In 2022/23, Tesco  UK demonstrated their commitment to minimising food waste and ensuring the effective use of edible food. They redistributed an impressive 88% of unsold food safe for human consumption, surpassing their 85% target set in 2016. These figures highlight their dedication to reducing waste and maximising the utilisation of food resources within their operations.

4. How has Tesco reduced food waste from farm to fork?

Tesco has implemented measures to reduce food waste throughout the entire supply chain, from farm to fork. They work closely with their suppliers and farmers to address issues such as overproduction, product specifications, and shelf-life management. By improving forecasting and stock management practices, Tesco aims to minimise waste at every stage of the process, ensuring that food is efficiently utilised.

6. What progress has Tesco made in reducing overall food waste in their operations?

Since 2016, Tesco has reduced food waste by 45%. This achievement aligns with Tesco's ambition to halve food waste by 2025, and they continue to work diligently towards this target.

7. How is Tesco contributing to the global goal of reducing food waste?

Tesco is a member of Champions 12.3, a coalition of leaders from governments, businesses, and civil society working to achieve Target 12.3 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This target aims to halve global food waste by 2030. Tesco actively supports this goal and has set an even more ambitious target to halve food waste in their operations by 2025, five years ahead of the global target. Through their sustained efforts and ongoing changes, Tesco aims to play a significant role in addressing the global issue of food waste.

For further information on Tescoโ€™s sustainability efforts, please check out their website.

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