Traveling distance

Can I change my location in the app to claim collection slots further away from my home?

We don’t encourage FWHs to change their location in the app to claim further collection slots as this goes against our aim of fostering community connections. 

However, if you regularly travel outside the advertised radius for work or other regular reasons, you can update your location in the app to claim a collection slot near your destination. 

Is there a limit to how far I can travel to collect?

Yes, for food safety reasons, you must not travel more than 1.5 hours to collect.

Why do some stores have different advertising distances for collections?

At Olio, we aim to keep collections as local as possible (ideally within 2km distance), so we can minimise travel for our FWHs and promote community sharing.  However, there are situations where it may be necessary to change the advertising distance for some collections. Reasons for this could include:

  • Remote locations - in rural areas,  stores might be located several kilometers away from our closest Olio community 
  • Recruitment strategy - in locations where we don’t yet have a strong Olio community we might need to temporarily increase the advertising distance to ensure sufficient coverage for a store
  • Specific business needs - some collections might be more restrictive than others (e.g. car needed, type of food, late hours) so we need to cast a wider net to find volunteers that can take the collections
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