ASDA: Collection process

How does Asda's food collection process work?

Below is how Olio and Asda systems communicate with each other during the food collection process: 

⏰ From 2 PM onwards, Asda will send a message confirming if there is food to collect or the ‘no food available’ message. Our system automatically recognises this and sends a message to the store letting them know if we have a FWH assigned to the collection slot. A message is then sent in the squad chat to let FWHs know if there is food/no food available. 

⚠️ If there is food available, FWHs will receive a secondary confirmation message in the squad chat which will include a verification code for example: ‘HIASLN’ that will need to be shared with store staff for the food to be released.  If you do not have this code the staff will not be able to give away the food.

❌ If you don’t receive a confirmation message, this will mean that the store hasn’t let Olio know if there is food available to collect or not. If this occurs, we do not recommend attending the collection. 

📞 Please do not call the store to ask if there is surplus food.

Good luck with your upcoming collections 🌟

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