ASDA: Collection windows and types of collections

What time can I expect to collect at Asda?

Collections are scheduled on Olio at 6:00 PM however, once you receive your verification code, you will be able to collect anytime before 7:00 PM. For example, if you receive your verification code at 2:30 PM you will be able to head to the store to collect anytime between 2:30 PM - 7:00 PM. 

How do Asda collections work?

You might already know that as well as working with Olio, Asda works with charities to share as much of their surplus food as possible. This means we share a master schedule of daily collections with lots of different organisations and charities collecting from Asda. 

Olio will have two types of collections at Asda, primary collections and bonus collections.

Primary collections: Olio will receive the donation offer first, you can expect this message anytime from 2:00 PM. 

Bonus collections: If a charity rejects or doesn’t respond to a donation offer by 4:00 PM, the collection is then automatically offered to Olio. These will appear as regular ongoing collections on our app but we will only be offered the donation if the primary charity rejects or doesn’t respond. 

We hope everything will run smoothly, but please don’t hesitate to report any issues by filling out the FWH Issue Form located under  ‘My Collections’ on the Volunteer Hub. We're here to help. 🙏 

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