Collection Reminder Messages

Starting from November 30th, the message we send before your collection will be changing. We’re updating the reminder message (which is sent 10 hours before the collection) to ask FWHs to confirm via a button if they’re attending the collection. 

1. What do I have to do?

You’ll be shown two buttons: “Yes, I can go to the collection” and “No, I can’t make the collection”. Tapping  on “Yes” will automatically send a message to the rest of your Squad to let them know you’re attending the collection. Tapping “No”, will automatically skip the slot on your behalf (if the collection starts in more than one hour) and it’ll become available for another FWH to claim, while also updating your squad chat. 

Please note: similar to on the Hub, you cannot skip a collection if it starts in less than one hour. If you click ‘No’ and the collection time is in less than one hour, you will receive a message letting you know that the collection has not been skipped.

Please note: if you have an ongoing collection then you will only be removed from the slot on that specific date. You will not be removed from all your collections at that store.

This feature does not replace the skip feature on the Hub - If you know in advance that you can’t attend a collection, please skip, pause or unassign via the Hub. 

2. When will I be sent the reminder message?

You’ll be sent the reminder message 10 hours before the start time of your collection.

Occasionally, the store may cancel the collection more than 10 hours before the start time. If this happens then you will not receive the reminder message. You’ll know if the store has cancelled the collection if you’ve received the message that starts with “No collection”. 

In most cases, the confirmation messages from the store will be sent after you’ve received the reminder message. If you’ve confirmed you are available for the collection by clicking ‘Yes, I can go’ but the store later tells you there’s no food, then please do not go to the collection. 

Please note, you won’t receive a reminder message if you claim the collection less than 10 hours before the collection start time. 

3. How long do I have to respond to the message?

You will be able to click the buttons up until the start time of your collection. 

However, if you click ‘No’ and it’s less than 1 hour until the collection, then the slot will not be skipped (This is to avoid slots being skipped at the last minute and being left unclaimed). If you’re able, please go to the collection as planned. 

Failure to go to the collection will be classed as a missed collection and your slots may be removed. For more information on our missed collection process, please see this FAQ.

4. What happens if I don’t respond to the message?

If you don’t respond to the message, your Squad will not be informed of whether you can attend the collection. We therefore encourage you to utilise the buttons to let your Squad know what’s happening. 

Initially, we won't take action if a FWH doesn't click any of the button buttons. We will monitor the new feature to see how many FWHs fail to respond, and may change this approach if necessary. 

5. Can I change my response?

No, you can only respond once.

If you need to skip, pause or unassign yourself from a collection after you’ve confirmed you can attend, please head to the Volunteer Hub.

6. What happens if someone in my Squad doesn’t respond to the message?

If someone doesn’t respond, then there won’t be a message in the Squad chat to confirm if that member is attending or not. 

We hope that most FWHs will use the buttons, but we will monitor whether this is the case once the new feature is live. If we see that lots of FWHs aren’t using the buttons, then we reconsider how this works (e.g. trigger a message to the Squad to let you know there’s no response OR make responding compulsory).

7. What are the rules around skipping my slot?

The rules on skipping still apply. More info can be found here. 

If you see someone in your Squad skipping consecutive collections, then please continue to report this via the issue report using the “Another Olio-er” section. 

8. How does this interact with the new post collection message message?

We introduced a new message which is triggered 1.5 hours after the collection (more info here).

This message will remain and the two messages work together as touchpoints before and after your collection. The reminder message is designed to reduce the likelihood of FWHs missing their collections (and freeing up collections for others to claim) and the post-collection message is designed to understand why listings have not been added to the app. 

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