Food Waste Heroes FB Group

Update on the Facebook Group (Dec 2023)

The Olio Volunteer Facebook group was closed down in December 2023. It’s no longer possible for new members to join the group, or for existing members to post. 

Why was it closed down?

As the Facebook group has grown, it’s become increasingly difficult to moderate and ensure the information shared is accurate and helpful to the community. It’s also challenging - and takes more resources than we have - to identify and remove members in the Facebook group who have been removed from Olio’s system due to a breach of our guidelines.

Where should I ask questions now?

We *very* much hope you will continue your conversations on the Olio forum instead. It’s a great place to share your volunteering experience, ask questions, and encourage others to get involved. We love seeing your fantastic food hauls and photos of you spreading the word in your local community, and we’re sure the broader Olio community will too! Just use the 'Food Heroes' or 'Spreading the word' categories to make sure your posts are going into the right section, and you can select 'Share locally' instead of 'Share globally' if you would prefer. 

What about if I’m an Ambassador - Where should I post?

The “Spreading the word” section of the Olio forum is a great place to post as an Ambassador. 

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