Sainsbury’s: Collection Process

How do Sainsburys collections work?

As well as working with Olio, Sainsbury’s works with charities to share as much of their surplus food as possible. This means we share a master schedule of daily collections with lots of different organisations and charities collecting from Sainsbury’s. 🧡

Olio will be collecting mainly chilled (use-by) items from Sainsbury's. However, if a charity is unable to complete their collection which is scheduled for earlier in the day, Olio will be able to collect all food types. Please respect what is offered by store colleagues and come prepared to collect all food types. 🛍

Below is how Olio and Sainsbury’s systems communicate with each other during the food collection process: 

Sainsbury’s colleagues will be using Olio Collect - this is a tech system that sends a confirmation message on whether there is food available or not by store colleagues clicking a button. 

⏰ 1 hour before the scheduled collection time, Sainsbury’s will send a message confirming whether there is food to collect or the ‘no food available’ message. Our system automatically recognises this and sends a message to the store letting them know if we have a FWH assigned to the collection slot. A message is then sent in the Squad Chat to let FWHs know if there is food/no food available. 

❌ If you don’t receive a confirmation message, this means that the store hasn’t let Olio know if there is food available to collect or not. If this occurs, we do not recommend attending the collection. 

Good luck with your upcoming collections 🌟

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