How to use pre-listings

What are they?

A “pre-listing” is a post on Olio before your scheduled collection to let local Olio-ers know you're expecting to collect and share food later on.

Why should I make one?

🤝 This means that your neighbours will be waiting for you so they can request, and not the other way around, watch those requests come flying in!

🌙 Pre-listings are especially important for late collections. As a rule of thumb, if you’ll be sharing food after 9pm it’s always a good idea to use one, let's save as much food as we can.

Where should I post it?

❗️Remember: pre-listings must be posted against your ‘personal’ listings, and not against your ‘collection slot’ so that they don’t impact your sharing statistics.❗️ 

What should it look like?

Here’s an example:

You can include:

⏰ What time you expect to be posting the food

🛒 What business you are collecting from

🥐 Details about the food you’re expecting (if you know)

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