Real-time collection Trial

We're trialling a new way for stores to confirm a collection “on-demand” (in real time)!

It can be frustrating to claim a collection in advance to just then be told a few hours before not to go (or worse, to not receive any confirmation, one way or another!) 😓 

The trial starts on the 26 February for 4 weeks and selected businesses can request a collection in real time. Store staff will notify us only when there's food, and a slot will be created exactly 2 hours later (instead of being created in advance).

This means we know there will definitely be food to collect! 🎉 These collections are marked with the new “Surplus Food Confirmed” label on the Volunteer Hub.

These are on top of your normal weekly collections and are UNLIMITED. This means they do not count to your maximum collection slot limit.

How does it work?

📣 Collection slots will appear as a one-off collection on the Volunteer Hub and in store squad chats for you to claim. They will have the label “Surplus Food Confirmed”, and may have irregular collection times e.g. 4:38pm and 6.48pm (this is because when staff request a collection it'll be exactly to the minute of the request!)

📳 Slots will typically appear in the afternoon and early evening. Feel free to update your notification settings on the Volunteer Hub to be alerted when a one-off becomes available.

👀 Look out for a confirmation message in the squad chat once you’ve claimed the collection before going ahead to the collection.

⏰ Remember to double check the site closing time before attending the collection. If the site closes after the scheduled collection, please attend just before the closing time.

Which businesses are involved?

We are currently conducting a 4 week trial at some Holland & Barrett, One Stop and catering sites.

See the full list of sites involved below:

  • Holland & Barrett, Chelmsley Wood
  • Holland & Barrett, Dewsbury
  • Holland & Barrett, Melton Mowbray
  • Holland & Barrett, Skegness
  • Holland & Barrett, Witham
  • Holland & Barrett, Barnsley
  • Holland & Barrett, Bicester
  • Holland & Barrett, Yardley
  • Holland & Barrett, Coventry Arena Tesco
  • Holland & Barrett, Leeds Kirkstall
  • Holland & Barrett, Metro Centre
  • Holland & Barrett, Ocean Terminal
  • Holland & Barrett, Tamworth
  • Holland & Barrett, Harrow
  • Holland & Barrett, Kettering
  • EICC/Levy, The Exchange
  • Exclusive Collection, Royal Berkshire Hotel
  • IM Group Wilson Vale, The Gate
  • One Stop, Swan Ln
  • One Stop, Penzance Road
  • One Stop, Turners Lane
  • One Stop, Bartley Green
  • One Stop, Melton Mowbray
  • One Stop, The Lea
  • One Stop, 35-39 Wordsworth Road
  • One Stop, Ottershaw
  • One Stop, Purton

How does this affect your current collection?

🙏 Most existing collections at sites involved will be removed as part of the trial. Instead, Food Waste Heroes will be able to claim one-off “Surplus Food Collections” on the Volunteer Hub when food has been confirmed. Depending on the outcome of the trial, we may continue using this way for store staff to confirm a collection. If not then we'll revert to scheduled collections and Food Waste Heroes who have lost their regular slots will be reinstated.

👕 As a thank you for taking part, the first 100 Food Waste Heroes to complete a collection during this trial will be sent an Olio branded t-shirt! Please refer to our T&Cs here.

Top tips

💚 Some sites will have a mixture of both regular collections and "Surplus Food Confirmed" collections that will only become available on the same day.

🦸 You can step forward as Squad Captain if the position is open and you want to stay in the squad chat.

🙏 Please report any issues by filling out the FWH Issue Form located under ‘My Collections’ on the Volunteer Hub. Issues reported in the squad chat will not be seen by a member of the Olio team.

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