Holland & Barrett: Types of collections

There are two types of slots that you might see for Holland & Barrett collections. The collection type will depend on whether your store stocks Holland & Barrett's chilled food range. It's important to know which collection type to expect, so that you can easily claim these slots on the Volunteer Hub! 🤩

Chilled stores:

  • Holland & Barrett stores that stock the chilled food range will have daily collections scheduled.

Excluding: Barnsley, Bicester, Yardley, Leeds Kirkstall, Metro Centre, Ocean Terminal, Tamworth, Harrow, Kettering, and Birmingham Grand Central

  • This is because Use-by items must be collected that day, so it is likely that there will be some surplus.
  • These will appear on the Volunteer Hub if there is no one assigned, and you can claim an ongoing slot to collect on the same day every week.

Non-chilled stores:

Holland & Barrett stores that do not stock the chilled food range will request ‘real time’ collections. This means that when you see a collection on the Volunteer Hub, food has been confirmed by staff! 🍋🌾💄🥥

How to know if your local store is non-chilled: 

  • Daily collection slots are not available
  • The slots on the Volunteer Hub will say ‘Guaranteed Surplus Food’
  • Irish stores do not stock chilled food
  • Or if you pop in, you will see that there is no chilled food available!

For these 'real time' collections:

📲 Check your notification preferences are set up to receive more than 1 alert per day for “one-off” collections so you’ll be notified when a collection is requested.

⚠️ Always check the store closing time when you claim a slot

  • Collections are created 2 hours after the staff request, but you can collect any time before closing.
  • Please ensure that you do not attend the collection AFTER closing time. The staff may request a collection too late. If you can make it before closing time, great! If not, do not risk a wasted journey.
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