Reporting issues on Olio

Correct reporting of issues helps us to respond and act more quickly and efficiently. Our Customer Satisfaction team uses categorisation methods to ensure the most urgent issues are dealt with as quickly as possible. Please follow these guidelines when you need to report an issue:

🚩Reporting listings, forum posts, events and comments 

What can be reported using the  🚩icon?

How do I report listings on Olio using the   🚩icon?

  • Click the  🚩 icon on the top right corner for any listing you wish to report.

The categories available should guide you through the most common issues with a listing

  • For any Food Safety issue (e.g. food shared past its use-by date, unhygienic food display), please click the option ‘Food Safety’ and choose  the appropriate subcategory available

  • Please, use the “Other” option only if you cannot find the right option. Make sure to add some context on the description box.

How do I report forum posts or comments?

  • Click the  🚩 icon at the top of the post/comment.
  • Report anything against the Forum Guidelines such as inappropriate or offensive content, users asking for money and users selling or advertising businesses in the forum

How long does it take for Olio to act on my report?

  • Urgent reports, such as those concerning food safety, are prioritised for resolution within 24 hours.
  • We aim to resolve any other reports within 72 hours. 
  • We kindly ask you to refrain from sending us an email after submitting a flag report.

📩 Reporting messages

How do I report an inappropriate message shared in a Food Waste Hero Squad Chat or privately?

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the message.
  • Select “Forbidden” and then the appropriate option on the drop-down menu. 

🙎Why there's no option to generically report a user?

To be able to take action against a user, we need evidence from the app of wrongdoing. A flag report based only on the user profile means the Olio team would need to spend time finding such evidence, making the process time-consuming and inefficient. Therefore, we ask our community to flag specific listings and messages so we can immediately verify the evidence and take the appropriate action against the user.

🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️For ​​Food Waste Heroes: Reporting collection issues 

As per Olio's Acceptable Use Policy, under no circumstances should you contact Olio's partnering businesses directly to report an issue. Doing so is against the agreed process, and will not result in your issue being resolved. It may also harm Olio's relationship with its partners.

How do I report issues about my collection or Squad?  🤝

  • Use the FWH Issue Report in My Collection Slots on the Volunteer Hub.
  • If unavailable, find it in the Documents section of the Volunteer Hub.
  • Make sure to use in the form the email address associated with your Olio account.
  • The categories available should guide you through the most common issues with a business or Squad.

How long does it take to resolve issues and will I hear back after submitting a report? 🕰️

  • Most issues are answered by email within 48 hours.
  • Updates are provided only if further information is needed.
  • Only if  7 days have passed, and the issue has not been resolved, please submit a new issue report.

How do I report another Food Waste Hero? 🦸‍♂️

  • Click "Report an issue" found in “My Collection Slots” or in the “Documents” section on your Volunteer Hub
  • Select the option “Another Olio user”
  • Please add any evidence that might help with the investigation. 
  • Please visit this link for more information about how we handle complaints

🛠️How do I report technical issues on Olio?

For Food Waste Heroes:

  • Check the live status page for known issues.
  • Troubleshoot your device. 
  • From your Volunteer Hub, use the option “Report an Issue” and select “The Olio App or Volunteer Hub”

For regular users:

  • Check the live status page for known issues.
  • Troubleshoot your device. 
  • Please send an email to and include as much information as you can and screenshots if available.
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