FWH General Policies

Types of penalty

❌ Slots removed: Olio will remove one or more slots from the volunteer.

⚠️ Formal warning. This is like a yellow card. If you collect 2 formal warnings within 6 months, your account will be permanently banned from the FWH program.

🔴Banned from the FWH program: This is like a red card. You will not be able to volunteer as a FWH with Olio, indefinitely.

Becoming a FWH

🔴FWHs must have an average rating of 4* or above. Users with a lower rating will not be able to sign up as a FWH. FWHs whose rating drops below 4* will be removed from the programme until their rating improves.

🔴One account per person. If we find someone actively using multiple accounts on Olio, all accounts will be permanently banned.

Being a Squad Captain

❌ Squad captains must not go more than 30 days without messaging in the squad chat. Unresponsive squad captains will be removed from their position in the squad chat.

Food Safety

For all our Food Safety rules, please read this FAQ


For all our rules on conduct between volunteers, business partners and Olio staff, please read this FAQ

Collection Slots

❌ FWHs can have a maximum of 2 limited collections per day, which can be made up of 1 ongoing + 1 one-off collection or 2 one-off collections. FWHs living in the same household are not permitted to have collections on the same day, regardless of whether they are limited or unlimited slots. FWHs with more than the maximum collections per FWH household will have their slots removed. Full FAQ on slot limits.

❌FWHs must skip their collection on the Volunteer Hub if they cannot attend a collection. FWHs that send another FWH to their collection will be recorded for a missed collection.

Click here to see how to skip a collection

Click here to see how we record missed collections

⚠️ FWHs cannot skip a slot more than 3 times in a row. FWHs that skip a slot more than 3 times in a row will have the slot removed and receive a formal warning.

  • The app will not let you skip within an hour of the collection.

⚠️ FWHs cannot swap slots without consent. FWHs that swap slots without written consent in the squad chat from the person they are swapping with will receive a formal warning.

Full FAQ on how to swap slots.

Sharing with the community

🔴FWHs must share 90 % of the collected food via the app. FWHs purposely not sharing food on the app will be banned. Full FAQ.

  • 10% of the food collected is for you to use as you wish
  • You don’t have to list these items on the app
  • Keep it for yourself, your family, friends or anyone else (donating to the homeless or local group)
  • If your collection is less than 10 items, you can keep 1 item and share the rest.

Eg. Collecting a large amount of food but only listing half the items will result in a ban

⚠️FWHs must share widely. Sharing food only amongst a small group of people and rejecting other requests will result in a formal warning.

Refer to our FAQ for more details on how to share widely,

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