Morrisons: General information

We are very excited to be trialing Olio Food Waste Hero collections with Morrisons. 🥳

⏰ We are currently piloting collections with 50 Morrisons stores across the UK.

Please note that because Morrisons collections are in a pilot phase, some processes may be subject to change.

Please regularly check the Squad Chat as this is where Olio will communicate important updates. Read more about collecting from pilot stores here

What do Food Waste Heroes need to do on their Morrisons collection day?

🕑 Check in on the squad chat by 2pm to confirm you are ready to collect. If you are unable to collect, you must skip or pause with as much notice as possible, or you may be removed from the squad.

🙏 Post a pre-listing on your collection day (under 'personal') so your local community knows you are collecting

👥 Look out for a message from the Morrisons store confirming if there is/is not food available to collect approximately 1 hour before your scheduled collection (see below for more details)

🥪 If the store confirms there is food to collect, go to the store at your scheduled collection time (bringing your own bags) and meet the Fresh Manager at the chilled reduced aisle.

📷 Send a photo of the food you’ve collected on the squad chat.

🤳 Post the food against your collection slot and wait for the requests to come in.

💜 Happy sharing!

How do Morrisons collections work?

⏰ 1 hour before the scheduled collection time, Morrisons will send a message confirming whether there is food to collect or the ‘no food available’ message from their computers.

Our system automatically recognises this and sends a message to the store letting them know if we have a FWH assigned to the collection slot. A message is then sent in the Squad Chat to let FWHs know if there is food/no food available. 

❌ If you don’t receive a confirmation message, this means that the store hasn’t let Olio know if there is food available to collect or not. If this occurs, we do not recommend attending the collection. 

If a confirmation message is received, the Food Waste Hero should attend the collection at the scheduled time.

Upon arrival at the store, they should head to the chilled reduced aisle* where they will meet a member of store staff. They will hand you the food to collect.

*Please ask the store manager for assistance if you need directions to the chilled reduced aisle.

What food will I be collecting from Morrisons?

Currently, Olio will be collecting mainly chilled (use-by) items from Morrisons.

Please reject any expired items past their use-by date and report this on the squad chat with pictures.

Feedback and communication

As this is a pilot, it’s really important that Food Waste Heroes report any issues on the squad chat, and that they regularly check the chat for important information from Olio too. This will help us to ensure that we are able to quickly resolve any issues and ensure this pilot is a success.

Please also share any feedback on the squad chat too! This can be about positive interactions with store staff, stories with requesters, and photographs from collections just to name a few. We love to see these and we know Morrisons will too! 🤗

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