One-off collections when charities aren’t able to attend

We’re excited to let you know that we’re expanding our partnership with Tesco UK and Booker, helping them rescue even more food from going to waste! 

What’s changing and when? 

You might already know that as well as working with Olio, Tesco and Booker work with charities to share out as much of their surplus food as possible.

Sometimes, those charities have to skip a collection. To make sure no good food goes to waste when this happens, Olio volunteers can now stand in for these one-off collection slots!

These will be optional on top of your normal weekly collections.

How will it work? 

🛒 If a charity rejects or doesn’t respond to a donation offer from the business, the collection is then automatically offered to Olio. 

🛒 The collection slot will appear as a one-off collection on the Volunteer Hub and in your store squad chat.

🛒 You can claim these last-minute slots via the Volunteer Hub.

🛒 Once a collection slot has been claimed, collections will be carried out as usual after receiving a confirmation message in the squad chat.  

The only difference you will notice will be that slots become available last minute. We hope everything will run smoothly, but please don’t hesitate to report any issues by filling out the FWH Issue Form located under  ‘My Collections’ on the Volunteer Hub. We're here to help. 🙏 

Please note that if no message is sent in the group chat but there is a Food Waste Hero assigned to that collection, then the store hasn’t let Olio know if there is food available to collect or not. When this occurs, we do not recommend attending the collection. More information here

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