Holland & Barrett: What you can and can’t collect

Here’s a list of what Holland & Barrett stores can donate along with food and drinks:

You CAN collect:

  • Ambient food products on their ‘use by’ date or up to 1 month past best before.
  • Chilled food and drink products on their ‘use by’ date. Chilled food will be launched across the UK from the end of August.* more information below
  • Sports bars & powders on their ‘use by’ date or up to 1 month past best before.
  • Non-food cosmetic/beauty products on their final day of best before or ‘use by’ dates.

❌ You CANNOT collect:

  • Anything with an expired ‘use by’ date or anything 1 month past ‘best before/BBE’ date.
  • Vitamins, minerals, herbals, supplement products, or medicines. Holland & Barrett should not donate any of these products.
  • Products in damaged or split packaging that could lead to contamination of other items.
  • Beauty products without a BBE date.

⚠️ If Holland & Barrett donate any of these items as part of your collection, please dispose of them and let us know by filling out the Issue Report form.

Food/drink items to expect:

🥥🌾 All Holland & Barrett stores stock ambient food items such as rice cakes, granola, oats, berries, plant-based milk, herbs, and coconut oil.

🧃 Most stores stock chilled drinks, so you will be able to collect these alongside ambient food and beauty products, when they reach the end of their shelf life.

❄️ Chilled food is stocked in some UK stores. These expire more quickly than ambient shelf items, so these stores have daily collections as there will be more items donated by Holland & Barrett here.

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