Holland & Barrett: What if the store staff don’t know about Olio?

🌿 Holland & Barrett partnered with Olio in 2023, and we collect surplus food and cosmetic items from many of their stores!

😊 Most store staff are fully familiar with Olio and our process. But with almost 800 stores across the UK and Ireland, there may be times when new staff require training.

🙏🏼 Please submit an Issue Report form to let us know if the staff in your local store aren’t familiar with Olio just yet.

💪 And be reassured that both Olio and Holland & Barrett work continuously to ensure that staff are fully trained as soon as possible.

📣 Please only attend the collection if you have received a confirmation message from the store to let you know that there is something to collect. We really do appreciate everyone’s eagerness to save as much food as possible, but it’s important that you do not visit the store if no food has been posted.

With varied items such as quinoa crackers, kombucha, coconut oil, and berry granola being donated, it’s exciting that we get to rescue this type of food when it is needed! 🥥🫐🌾

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