Holland & Barrett: What if I don’t receive a notification message?

📣 Please only attend the collection if you have received a confirmation message from the store to let you know that there is something to collect.

  • We know it is frustrating when you don’t receive a confirmation message from the store. However, both Olio and Holland & Barrett are working hard to ensure that staff are fully familiar with the Olio process, and that we provide further training to staff when needed. 💪💪
  • Please do not call the store or customer service. The store staff have been instructed not to confirm Olio collections over the phone. Customer service will not be able to help as they do not have oversight of food surplus levels at each store.
  • If the store does not confirm your collection at least 30 minutes before your collection time, please assume there is nothing to collect.

⚠️ Please do not attend your collection without a confirmation from the store that there is something for you to collect. Thank you!

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